Taelir Af Audur

A rough and tumble Warlord on a mission of great importance, guiding a group of young adventurers.


Class: Warlord; Build: Tactical; Paragon Path: Battle Captain

  • Strength: 22 (Mod +6)
  • Constitution: 15 (Mod +2)
  • Dexterity: 15 (Mod +2)
  • Intelligence: 22 (Mod +6)
  • Wisdom: 16 (Mod +3)
  • Charisma: 18 (Mod +4)
  • HP: 77
  • AC: 26
  • Fortitude: 25
  • Reflex: 25
  • Will: 23
  • Speed: 7
  • Passive Insight: 22
  • Passive Perception: 20

Taelir af Audur is considered a legendary military leader amongst the nations of Wulfheim and Bastion. Hailed as both incredibly strong and intelligent, he understands the ins and outs of almost any role on the field of battle, knowing both how to best utilize them and how to defeat them. He supposedly comes from a long line of mercenary captains who were also legends in their time, though he also exemplifies his ancestors’ strict lifestyles, which have never had room for women. This has created rumors that Taelir has no ancestors, and is the same dour battle master from well over 200 years ago. Most dismiss this as baseless, as no human can possibly live so long. p. Ageless or otherwise, Taelir has now been teaching at one of Bastion’s more prestigious battle schools for a number of years. His students have much to say about his harsh scolding and brutal lessons, but the few that pass always go on to be their graduating year’s top tacticians. Compounded with the fact that Taelir may not have a class for a few years at a time because of his constant adventuring, his tutelage is highly sought after. p. Currently he has been hired by a discreet employer to gather a troupe for a goal that Taelir’s contractually mandated confidentiality keeps under tight wraps.

Taelir Af Audur

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