Turtles All the Way Down takes place on the back of The Patient One—An incomprehensibly large sea turtle swimming through the fluid aether of the Astral Sea. Upon its back are four elephants that hold up the world; all three parts of it. Three plates; Valhalla (Land of the Gods), Midgard (Land of Mortals), and Hel (Land of the Dead) all sit, kept apart by four great structures known as The Pillars of Order and thrust through by the great spire mountain, Mount Chroma, piled upon these great animals of holding, unconcerned with where they may be going.

After all, a great civil war between the nations of Nibelung and Duskhelm has been raging on for centuries, and the dark continent of Fafnir long ago tainted the land with the Spellplague and terrible creatures, giving people very little time to speculate about a giant turtle and some elephants.

Turtles All the Way Down